Those damn socialists at the Englewood Water Department


A water main starting leaking in front of my house. Last week, the City of Englewood sent a man out in a pickup truck who marked up the pavement with green and orange paint.

This morning, the Socialist Englewood Water Department sent an entire crew of water department surgeons out with spare parts, heavy equipment and trucks to repair the water main. They put up signs, tore open a neat (very neat!) square hole in the road, cut the old valve out, put the new valve in, flushed it all out, filled up the hole and left without much evidence that they were there. I have water which they assure me is safe. They even publish a water scorecard every year to prove it.

And nobody knocked on my door and nobody asked for a co-pay or a water insurance card.

Damn socialists. Next thing you know, they will want to be running health care.

Photo: One of the workers was drying his boots on top of his pickup. I had to grab that photo!