Tough-talking female politicians are not tough; they are bullies

In live debates and in interviews, we are seeing more and more women attacking their male opponents by telling them to “man up” and “have some cajones.” That’s not acting tough; that’s acting like a bully. It ranks right up there with punching a blind man in the face or kicking a dog in the ribs. Neither can really fight back. And we wonder why our kids can’t figure out where the bully boundaries are drawn.

There is no public defense for a man who is told to “man up” by a woman. If a man tells a woman to quit being a b*tch or other some reference, then he gets blasted for being a sexist. The irony is that a real man will take the verbal abuse silently and not fight back. A weak man will lash out.

Where are the women who fought for EQUAL rights, not a platform for guerrilla pot shots? Why are they not standing up and saying this is just as wrong and cowardly as a man taking shots at a woman’s age or breast size? To not stand up to a bully is to condone the bullying.

Powerful women choose to compete on a level playing field. Weak, cowardly women resort to lowering the bar only for themselves.

Women, manup against the bullies of your gender. If that offends you, feel free to kick the dog in the comments below.

Left to right: Sharron Angle, Robin Carnahan, Christine O’Donnell, Sarah Palin