Unintended consequences

Yesterday, the US Senate tabled the Nelson amendment which would have limited access to abortions for people who had insurance subsidized by the US government. As part of the compromise, Medicare will be opened up to people 55-64 who have trouble being covered by their employer.

In addition, nobody is challenging the “right” of anyone under 26 to be kept on their parent’s policy. Here lies the unintended consequence which insurance companies are skillfully guiding through.

When this bill passes, eventually you will not be able to purchase health care insurance for anyone under 26 years-old or over 55 years-old. Because options will exist from them vis-à-vis the US government plans, the insurance companies will have successfully divested themselves of these messy groups, settling now to only directly insure people 27-54.

Sounds exactly like the maneuver that the insurance companies pulled off in 1965 when they got rid of anyone over 65 years-old. Eventually, the hole in the middle will close and the US government will be providing health insurance to everyone, placing the health insurance companies in the very lucrative business of providing supplemental insurance, not basic health care, to people who have the means to pay for high-value stuff.

Am I wrong?