Watch what you say, the kids are listening

Several months back, my daughter (who is now 19) and I had a quick text message exchange. I can’t remember what it was about, but I’m sure it is archived somewhere in the bowels of the AT&T servers if I ever run for some government office. As she is prone to do, she asks: “Do you need anything?”

Apparently feeling rather frisky, I typed back:
I don’t need anything. Well, serenity, a deep blue sky, a crisp cold morning, a loyal dog and a hot cup of coffee. 😉

On Christmas Eve, she gave me a series of presents that had me a bit confused, until she showed me the text message she had saved for months. The presents are below.

serenity, a deep blue sky, a crisp cold morning, a loyal dog and a hot cup of coffee

The book is to help me find serenity in the nuthouse I find myself in daily, the glass jar was filled with shiny bits of blue and silver tinsel, the candle scent is ‘morning mist,’ the dog wags his tail and lifts his head when you press his back and the coffee mug is always waiting to be filled.

Thank you! Not only did she give me a present, but she gave me a story which is worth more than any present she could have wrapped. I have the best puppies in the world.

Merry Christmas everyone. And remember the kids are always listening, especially when you’re babbling.


5 Replies to “Watch what you say, the kids are listening”

  1. What a sweet story. Thanks for sharing. I think it is easy for us as parents to sometimes forget that our kids really do listen to us. Selective listening, perhaps.

  2. My daughter will be 19 in a few months and I’ve yet to see that million dollars when asked if I needed anything. Too much? Well, she asked. This story is great, though. I’m sending her a link to this post. 🙂

  3. I search for meaning all the time and every now and again, they remind me it has been here the whole time. Very humbling 🙂 Thank you.

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