Way to go, Englewood OH. Again


We’re getting a new mural on National Road and Main St. It will NOT be painted by any local talent.

From the Dayton Daily News story.

Last fall, the City Council approved a $20,000 contract with Toledo-area artist Keith Hasenbalg to bring a fresh, colorful look to the downtown plaza wall at the corner of Main Street and National Road.

Could you not find anyone with talent in Englewood, Ohio? Did you look? Did you call Robin Dakin at Northmont High School to see if there were any talented artists living in Englewood you could support?

Or, how about this freshly-minted BFA from Miami University, graduate of Northmont Hight School? I know for a fact he has some student loans to pay back and $20,000 would have gone a long way toward that. Not to mention a loyalty for his childhood town.

Why do we look for “talent” outside of our own community? In a town of 25,000 or so people, I think we may be able to find at least one person who can draw and a few people who can paint inside the lines.

Way to support your own community. I suppose when it is done, the statue of the girl from Union on Main can wave at it. It will be just like home — with strangers living in your guest bedroom.