We know were are being lied to, but we don’t know where. Stewart is just showing us

74585-jonstewartlI read this AdWeek this morning and the “legit news” people seemed a bit confused as to why Americans would rely on the The Daily Show with Job Stewart or The Colbert Report.

It really just comes down to this: We know were are being lied to, but we don’t know where. Stewart is just showing us.

Here is what Stewart and Colbert do that the “legit” news does not; they dig back to previous clips to expose inconsistencies.

The recent tiff between Stewart and Cramer about CNBC reporting is one example. CNBC just blasts crap out there without any sense of history. They operate on the “tomorrow is another day” assumption, forgetting any prediction or punditry they used the day before.

Stewart, on the other hand, digs into the past and calls the news on this stuff. If people watched The Daily Show for that alone, they are better informed.

Anyone who has ever worked with any media, (print, television) KNOWS they will get something wrong, edited for time, space, etc. When they get it wrong, try calling a producer/reporter who — up until the show aired or the article ran — was your “best friend.” Forget it. TV will never acknowledge a mistake; print will bury the correction on page 17, Section Z.

Entertainment has quietly become the news and the news has publicly become entertainment.

Oh, yeah: here is the report all this stuff supposedly came from. I’m relying on AdWeek.com to have analyzed it well, which is probably not a good idea.

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One Response to We know were are being lied to, but we don’t know where. Stewart is just showing us

  1. Ricky Maveety says:

    Amen, brother!! I have watched the Daily Show and Colbert Report to get the real news for some time now.

    Those are the only national “news” shows that actually report the unvarnished truth (even when they make the stuff up, at least they are honest about it , and I love them for that).