We may be the change others are waiting for

Rufus finds a new path We have moved into a new office on the other side of the road, just kitty-corner from the old building. But, because we are on the busy side of the street, our old walking route is beyond reach as cars race by on Main St., not allowing us to cross easily. So, we have carved out a new path.

Our walking route takes us down a road that runs along the top of the Englewood Reserve and winds back behind Area Wide Services. The road is freshly paved, but cars sure do go fast when they pass us and we sometimes feel like the turtle in Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath (the lady in the teal car, thank you for the beep-beep… the dude in the red pick up truck, not cool!)

Anyway, as I walk along, I get a rush of all sorts of new smells and race to soak it all in. The bunny poop along the side of the road, the deer that cross from the reserve to the yards, the rock streams that the neighbors have carved out to drain the water away from their front yards into the creek.

I wonder if the people along the old path behind the Englewood government center miss us walking every day? I wonder if the old men we waved to each day notice we no longer walk in front of their houses and pee on their trees? I wonder if us being gone is the change they were waiting for as they sit and rock in front of their wide-open garage doors?

I also wonder if by walking on a new path I am the change the new neighbors crave. Am I exciting? Am I different enough to notice? Will me walking on their street, ratting their dogs to a barking frenzy be noticed? Will they appreciate the change or will they grumble that I am being a nuisance.

Am I the change others are waiting for?

And, in case you are wondering, that photo was taken with my new iPhone. Pretty nice photo quality!