Wendell Potter


I think that if you don’t already know that name and you care about the health care debate in this country, you should take a few minutes to read up on him. He is rather easy to find. His blog is here. As the health care debate heats up over the next year or so (yeah, it will take longer) and the health insurance lobby bill eclipses the $1.4 million a day they are spending now, Mr. Potter will eventually become vilified by the right and admonished by the left. I hope he keeps fighting. It will get rough.

I watched Mr. Potter being interviewed by Bill Moyers on PBS this morning. I was struck with the grasp he had of the health care landscape in America. But, there are a few points I would have liked him to bring up. Perhaps he will see this blog and consider them.

One question everyone should be asking: Do I want a bureaucrat who is paid based on an increase of medial care provided to determine whether or not I get cared for or do I want a bureaucrat who is paid based on the number of claims denied to determine whether or not I get medial care?

Right now, we have the latter.

We should accept that SOMEONE other than ourselves and our doctor will always oversee a medical care program. Stating that a “bureaucrat” will be in charge of our health care is like saying “the sky is blue.”

Every commentator, pundit, columnist who wants to write about healthcare issues should disclose the following:
– Who is your health insurance company?
– Who is paying for your policy?
– What is your annual contribution?
– What is your annual deductible?
– Can this policy be revoked due to a particular illness or accident?

Then, the reader or listener can determine for him/herself how credible the person is.

Keep in mind also, that every dollar spent by your insurance company on lobbyists to Washington started out as a dollar in your pocket, paid as a premium to insure you could get medical care when you needed it. While I don’t have any facts to back this up, I am pretty certain that you were not asked if lobbying Congress is a “medically necessary” procedure.