What a week

Haven’t posted anything on here for a bit and after just sending a client a “nag” on updating his blog, thought I would pop on and post.

Went to the vet today.. thought Rufus had fleas. Turns out he has sensitive skin. Doc said to give him Benadryl, but the only stuff they had in liquid (Rufus won’t take pills.. EVERYONE at the Kroger counter had an opinion on how to administer pills… “You know what you oughta do??!!??”) was kids stuff… I should take video of me squirting this stuff into Rufus’ mouth…. not pretty….

Anyway, Rufus was also late on his shots, so we got all that done…

Emily is back at the Java Spot, so Tom is taking his days off again… the city is laying those expensive pavers on the crosswalk at Walnut… and as I was walking by, one of the guys was cutting a paver, with no eye protection… well, at least we tax-paying citizens have tons of money to send when something flies in his eye and he files his WC claim…

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