What Barack Obama is doing right or how he is navigating a room full of teenagers

I listened to President Obama’s press conference yesterday. I watched Chuck Todd ask questions and look really confused as he was getting a pretty straight-forward response from the president. Then, I watched as Todd was asked about the press conference later by the afternoon and evening “MSNBC Dog and Pony Show” hosts and how he went into editorial-hyperbole mode and got everything all wrong like he always does. Let’s remember, I watched the same press conference. I know what I saw and heard.

Then I watched the late night MSNBC hosts Olbermann, Shultz, O’Donnell and Maddow rip President Obama a new one for capitulating to the Republicans. Olbermann may have a point, but Maddow kinda glossed over some facts, like not every Democrat is on Obama’s team. Most are on their own “I have to get re-elected in 2 years” team so they are not really thinking clearly.

And I’m trying to figure out what the heck is going on that these otherwise really smart people just are not seeing. And here is how I can best explain it.

It is like being in a family of teenagers. The GOP is the teenager who is defiantly against anything mom and dad do. It doesn’t matter what it is, they are going to say “no” if mom and dad say “yes.” Just as simple as that.

The “professional left” is like an “entitlement” teenager who just found out that mom and dad are not really her best friends but her parents. And sometimes parents say “no” to things. Entitlement teens lash out at their parents by saying things like “you don’t love me” or “I hate you,” etc. Their “love” for mom and dad is rooted in what they can manipulate them into doing.

Now here is the kicker: The teenager is not capable of seeing past the end of their nose. They are not responsible for making the mortgage payment, keeping the water and heat on, making sure the gutters don’t leak, making sure the tuition is paid and there is food on the table. For most teenagers, food is magically produced when they open the fridge door. In short, they can afford to have me-centric opinions of the world. Someone else is paying their bills.

Parents can’t afford a me-centric view.

The GOP absolutely, positively, without a doubt would have blocked all unemployment benefits to over 5 million unemployed citizens with impunity. They are incapable of seeing beyond their own noses and view themselves as defiant for a cause, just like the defiant teenager sees his actions as noble and principled.

The Left wants it all right now and is really pissed off at her defiant brother whom she sees as manipulating mom and dad more effectively than she can, even though she is just as manipulative and devious with her false love.

Someone had to be the responsible parent, even if it meant that the defiant teen would gloat in victory and the entitled teen would be screaming “I hate you!” at the top of her lungs. And I think that is what we saw; a parent trying to do the best thing from a crappy list of options, who would risk the scorn of one teen and the vilification of another to keep the lights on for the family. At least for one more month.

Or not. You decide and comment below. I assume you care.