What Barack Obama is teaching brands and media about young consumers’ brand loyalty


The news media is all abuzz about explanations as to why Barack Obama voters did not come out to elect Jon Corzine in New Jersey and Creigh Deeds in Virginia. It must be the Obama effect or a referendum on the Obama administration spending, health care, etc. And they seem genuinely surprised!

It’s just not that complicated.

The voters are loyal to Barack Obama, not the DNC brand. Nor are viewers loyal to NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox etc. In fact, the generation of voters is almost brand-blind within categories of products, services and yes, even political candidates. It doesn’t matter to them that someone has an (R) or a (D) after their name. That is so pre-Obama.

They care what the message is. They care if the candidate is speaking to them about issues they are passionate about.

And brands can no longer count on a generation of consumer to buy new products based on their brand reputation. This generation easily mixes iPods and Dell computers, Adidas shirts and Nike shoes, McDonald’s fries with Wendy’s frosties, Big Bang Theory (CBS) with The Hills (MTV).

But, the media continues to roll out the pundits who keep talking until they start believing their own spin. The scarier part is I think Sarah Palin and the GOP understand the issue. Sarah Palin is spinning herself as a product without a big brand label. Watch this for 2012 and see how right I am.

Brand loyalty is dead. Function and style is it.