What Kenneth Cole knows that you don’t

Kenneth Cole

He knows that if you are one of the bloggers and tweeters who are all up in arms about his use of the #egypt hastag in his tweet yesterday, you’re probably not one of his customers.


Because you scream at having to put up $60.00 for a quality WordPress theme. Or balk at a $20/month membership fee for anything more than freemium. And you think Chris Brogan is a sell-out and you think that open source should mean even the support is free. He knows that you are a cheap-butt user who demands free software and unlimited support.

And he knows that you are not going to spend more than $28.88 for a pair of shoes.

He knows that you are really not his market. His market doesn’t really know what a hashtag is and doesn’t really care. What they know is fashion. And hashtags don’t even register on their radar.

Who are all these people climbing all over the Kenneth Cole Facebook page in a fever to comment about what a horrible thing he did? Haters. But they are not his customers.

And he knows the more he is hated by the commoners, the more his customers will want to be just like him.

That is what Kenneth Cole knows.


3 Replies to “What Kenneth Cole knows that you don’t”

  1. You’re totally right. I didn’t even bother to comment on the incident, because in my mind, nothing will really happen. No one is really angered. Nothing is terrible. It just all … is.

    And the righteous who are calling for heads? They’re not invested in the cause. They were just as angry at Motrin, and just as angry at whoever upset someone about Iran.

    There’s lots of incredible fake anger in the world. It’s because we have no other reasons to be passionate.

  2. Ooooooo that makes me so mad that you commented on this post. How am I doing? Acting classes paying off? I’m working on my “teeth-barring stance.” We’re doing rage and avatar modification next week.. Can’t wait! 🙂

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