What I carry – a #letsblogoff post

Some time around my junior year in high school, I bought myself a blue and silver pen. It wasn’t anything special — a Parker or Papermate — but it was just the right weight, thickness and flow of ink. I carried that pen everywhere I went, through college and the first few years of my professional life.

I even bought a Mont Blanc pen to go with the suits I was required to wear, but I kept coming back to that pedestrian blue pen. I suspect it embarrassed a few of my colleagues, but that was their issue.

Then one day, I lost it. Or it was taken from me through the careless act of someone borrowing it and walking away with it while I was distracted. And I have spent the past fifteen or so years trying to replace it with no luck at all. The Fisher Space Pen and Moleskin notebook I carry now comes close, but… it’s not the same.

I carry a pen and paper with me, even as I forget my wallet and phone at home. I am never without a pen.

What? That wasn’t the real theme? You were wondering about emotional baggage and all that other stuff? Yeah, well, that’s why I write. What I want to tell you I carry, I do here.

And when I write it down, I am no longer carrying it because I gave it to you to hold for a while. Or cast away.

With my pen.

This blog post is part of a blog-off series with a group of bloggers from different professions and world views, each exploring a theme from his/her world view. This was about answering the question, What are you carrying? To explore how others handled the theme, check them out below. I will add links as they publish.

7 Replies to “What I carry – a #letsblogoff post”

  1. I don’t have your pen (no architect that I know uses a ballpoint pen) but I do appreciate the emotional baggage you are leaving with me. If I can only figure out where to sell it on eBay…

    I have often wondered what my daughter will think when she gets old enough to want to go through all the old writings from her Dad. When I think about, I do believe it makes me nervous about hitting that “publish” button

  2. Yeah, nice cover by throwing me off like that….

    When your daughter gets old enough to read your writing, she will secretly think you are the smartest man in the world and very proud to be in that limited inner circle.. but she won’t tell you that in words…

  3. I still carry a pen with me everywhere even though I started jotting down notes in my iPhone a couple of years ago. I still carry that pen because when I was a young boy, my Dad told me that I should always have a pen. So I do.

  4. I like the practicality of this post. In a digital age, it is amazing that no one ever has a pen. I carry several extra fine sharpies in my purse (those are my favorites).

  5. Funny how attached we become to little objects like a favorite pen. For me, it’s a pinky ring. If I ever lost it, I’d be heartbroken. And it’s only a small piece of metal that I found on the floor of my dad’s workshop – not even meant to be a ring. But hey, if the shoe – er, washer (?) – fits!

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