What I think about the writers’ strike

I was going to stay silent on this, but one too many people used the term “their fair share” and that just sent me over the edge.

Writers should get compensated for their skills. God knows, there are very few talented, MARKETABLE writers out there who can actually deliver a product within specification and deadline. These writers should get very well paid for their work. Here’s where I have a problem with the writers.

They get paid when they write and deliver the script. They get paid for rewrites. They get paid throughout the whole process. Yet, the studio owners, producers, etc DO NOT. They only get paid AFTER the work is in the can, out in theatres and, in the case of the Bee Movie well after the 200th million DVD is sold 🙂

But, if the work flops, the writers don’t have to give the money they got paid back. That is just a loss to the studio and the investors. And, far more works flop than make money. Yet, the writers STILL get paid.

So, let the writer share in the profit of DVD sales and Internet advertising. But, let them also share in the risk by not getting paid unless and until their work makes money. No? Only want the upside of things? Um. Most people do. They are called employees.