I’m a joker, I’m a smoker, I’m a midnight toker… but mostly I’m a welder who writes haiku and works as a janitor on the weekends

When I was young, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life when I grew up; EVERYTHING.

I wanted to be on the receiving end of a firehose of experience that was exciting and revelrous and peaceful and satisfying all at once. Almost a lifetime (well, so far!) of living and I’m still looking for the perfect experience that stands still in time as well as moves the human race forward by a leap.

This morning, I wanted 5:00 am to last forever, with a hot cup of coffee, the New York Times and a large dog with his head in my lap. But I also wanted to write that perfect book chapter that was swirling in my head. 5:00 am turned into 6:39 am too soon and 6:39 am turned into 11:00 am and I had not stopped the clock nor had I moved humanity forward by a leap.

Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow.


18 Replies to “I’m a joker, I’m a smoker, I’m a midnight toker… but mostly I’m a welder who writes haiku and works as a janitor on the weekends”

  1. I agree with a lot of this. I am at a point in life (66) where I can describe myself as retired, but I rarely do, because I don’t think (a) that I am or (b) that I ever will be. It is, however, true that I have not drawn a paycheck for quite a few years, but I have never felt welded to that sort of identity. I am not especially interested in knowing what a person does for a living; I am in interested in knowing how he THINKS and what books he may have read. There are those who really love what they do and are so damned good at it that you find yourself wanting to know what they do all day and how they feel about what they do. But not very many.

  2. Wow. I really enjoyed this post, but must come back when I have more time to fully digest and appreciate it. Until then, I think it is better to be many things, and much too limiting to edit 95% of yourself out so you can sell the 5%. Much more interesting to read the blog of somebody who is many things, as well.

  3. Yeah, well I used juxtaposition 42 times before 9:00am. Nobody is keeping score, but I dug into my intro to intro to basic math college notes to confirm that 42 is bigger than 17 by at least 14 feet .. pretty sure that’s right. See? I can even use my English degree to build a house if I really wanted to.

  4. I think the only people who see themselves as retired or not have become industrialized. In this day of “I just want a job!” there are not that many of us unaffiliated left.

  5. Well, I for one appreciate what you bring into my life. (And I already have two dogs!) I always appreciate your perspective and thoughtful review on just about everything. Agree or not, doesn’t matter to me. When I want an honest opinion, you’re my go-to guy. Can’t pay for that! Your support and friendship in my endeavors is invaluable. No pressure… πŸ™‚

    For the record, your ramblings are worth reading to the bitter end! Steinbeck? (Always my go-to answer when we played Trivial Pursuit! haha)

  6. “Everything” makes me feel like I’m in one of those money booths where all the dollar bills are being blown around me and I am frantically grabbing at them.

    Thank you for the kind comments. Everything you read has been carefully edited by that voice in my head, so you can only imagine what got dumped on the page originally πŸ™‚

    Happy to have you along for the Walk… ooh, watch your step there.. and there… and there….

  7. *in a whisper*

    I hate being employed. The ups and downs of owning your own company are nothing compared to being strapped to a time clock.

    I dream of the day when I can at least free lance. I am horribly unemployable. I just fake it pretty well.

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