What I would have sent NPR if their contact form worked

Why did your guest, Mr. Carr feel it necessary to characterize the web site http://www.whitehouse.gov/realitycheck/ as looking like it was maintained by someone “living in his mom’s basement in Ohio and could use a job?”

While I don’t dispute the fact that there are PROBABLY grown men in Ohio blogging and living in their mom’s basement who need jobs and this description fits them well, I would posit that most bloggers in Ohio are gainfully employed, are quite articulate and own their own homes with fully-furnished living levels.

To use this characterization to describe bloggers as shorthand for the “trailer park” section of this country is insulting. I happen to blog in Ohio at DogWalkBlog.com and am an educated, fully functioning member of society with a successful business.

In the future, please remind your guests that not every blogger in Ohio is an unemployed, unwashed, pajama-wearing, knuckle-dragging hick who lives in a basement. Sarah Palin said it first and she was also wrong.

Thank you for your time.

Reference: Minute: 21:36 on the podcast.

PS Fox News is not really news, it is entertainment based loosely on news. So is MSNBC and much of CNN. Unless you think DogWalkBlog.com is news, then I change my mind. And for the record, if President Obama wanted to be interviewed by us, we would be happy to have him along for the Walk.