When did you give up?

When did you give up? When did you accept the fact that your life now is as good as it it gets? When did you realize your were not likely ever going to make a huge difference with anything, that you were destined to be a cog in someone else’s machine?

Most of us are born, live and die without so much as making a gentle ripple on the lives of others. With the exception of procreating a few other human beings who would not be around if we didn’t, most of us will affect no change in the world around us. We will be average.

There have only been 44 US Presidents in 229 years, only 1,000 professional baseball players in any given year, 906 gold medals given in the last Olympic Games (give or take a few, depending on the sport) despite there being millions of athletes, thousands of qualified potential presidents and billions of people overall alive at any one time.

Given the odds of success in making any difference at all, why do some people keep trying? Why not just give up and accept average. You’ll be happier and less frustrated.

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One Response to When did you give up?

  1. I didn’t give up. Just like I’m not giving up soccer either. http://www.starrbrite.com/starfish.html