When you grow up you will take life more seriously

I found myself sitting across the desk from my banker one day last week. Apparently, PNC had screwed up a bunch of my accounts as they migrated from National City and it was serious enough that the phone support people couldn’t help. They said I had to trudge into the local branch.


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4 Responses to When you grow up you will take life more seriously

  1. Paul Anater says:

    You sound like you’re describing me. I explain it like this: when I’m fully engaged in my life I’m at my happiest. My instinct when I’m happy to to spread it around and I do that through laughing and joking. At this stage of the game I celebrate it though when I was younger I thought it was a defect. I love getting older. Really.

  2. Rufus says:

    Give age a few more years.. you’ll need your sense of humour more than ever 🙂 (threw a bone out to our English friends, in reparation for my European comment yesterday 🙂 )

  3. GirlFuturist says:

    It’s more than smart-alecky. I still remember my eye-rolling and incredulity when my parents tried to explain that despite getting old on the outside, they still felt like a teenager on the inside. Although I didn’t really believe them, my plan was always to age into a wacky cool iconoclastic old lady. While that is still my goal, and I’m not there yet, thankfully, the inside/outside dissonance is starting to keep me awake some nights. Happily, I still have my two best girlfriends from 8th grade, who help me realize that we are just who we should be. 🙂

  4. Rufus says:

    It is the oddest thing about growing older. I wake up every day to more gray hairs, laugh lines and crows feet, but my brain is still just like an antsy little kid. And it is the hardest sensation to explain to my kids. Thankfully, they’ve always thought I was a little nutty, unpredictable and easily led into mischief so hopefully they will dwell less on it as they age and see me as a case study for normal — finally. But I think some people don’t suffer this and their brains do age and get serious as they get older. I suspect.