When you know so badly you are right…

I sometimes feel that I am on the right path, that I know something to be the right thing to do, even when others around me are telling me not to walk that path or sniff that tree or crap on the lawn.

Meet Heather B. Armstrong, author of my newest blog find, Dooce. For most companies, she was probably a really bad employee, and in some more people’s minds, she is probably a terrible mom… but she has the courage to charge down a path that others “know” to be wrong.. and look at her now.

Now, kids, if you don’t have the skills Heather has, please, please don’t try what she is doing at home. Some people just don’t need to be let out of their cages because nobody needs monkeys with guns. But, if you have the brains, drive and passion to make a difference and run headlong down a road not taken, first take a moment to lift your leg, take a good solid pee on the world and then run like hell before someone stops you and you look back.