Where do you see a story of humanity?

The video is a little over eight minutes long, but worth the viewing.

Kseniya Simonova is a Ukrainian artist who just won Ukraine’s version of “America’s Got Talent.” She uses a giant light box, dramatic music, imagination and “sand painting” skills to interpret Germany’s invasion and occupation of Ukraine during WWII. You can see more of her work on her Facebook Fan page and on YouTube.

Where most people see sand, she sees a vibrant story of human history.

Tell stories. Find the pictures in the grains of sand between the light. If you can’t see them, look harder. They are there, in the faces of the people you see every day, in the mundane work you do between clocking in and clocking out, in the blades of grass growing from the cracks in the walkway, in the random links you see in a Twitterstream.

Don’t limit your view. And share your stories freely, even when people tell you they don’t care.