Where have we been?

It has been AGES since we blogged, so our loyal fans are probably wondering where we have been. We are still here, doing three walks a day.

It has been a couple of high-travel months for me, and the January panic set in rather deeply this year, so there has not been that much time to writing.. well, the time has been there, but the mental exhaustion that comes with long days, has also been here. I promise to write more often.

Rufus has converted the entire Tim Horton’s morning crew. We pull up almost every day and order a large decaf, with a heat sleeve, a two Homey-dipped Tim Bits. Most of the time, they give them to Rufus for free. We’re going to induct them in the Rufus Fan Club once we get that off the ground (hopefully by summer!)

Well. not much else to say and it is once again time to walk the puppy!

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