Who are you and what do you want

While everyone seems to be writing a “Best of 2010” and “What to look forward to in 2011” post of some sort, I’m just going to ignore all that entirely and keep rolling forward on other stuff. The year-end, year-beginning is an artificial tear in time anyway and by the second week in January, New Year’s resolutions and predictions will be a distant memory of auld lang syne. I like more sustainable posts.


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  1. Rufus-Dog, good job on the horses and on Chris’s blog post. I met him in May, had lunch, what a fantastic generous remarkable person. Now I know why he seemed tired – he was. I relate to that, having spent a few decades racing hard and fast. He is still adding things on top, and to me, he needs to start subtracting till he finds his own rhythm. It’s incredibly hard to do. Yr comments to him were very kind w/ spot-on branding advice. I’ll be watching for that obit of yours and your alter ego, Hobo-Ruf. cheers, cindy@urbanverse

  2. He is a genuinely nice guy. I saw him last in October for 140conf Detroit and he seemed more relaxed. Might have been faking that a bit 🙂 He is a bit muddy, but I understand the urgency. He sounds like I was 15 or so years ago. He’ll slow down and find the sweet spot (or the beauty of the single petal on that one flower.. ) And your obit too, or the pillory awaits…

  3. heh. you had me at pillory. I just read part of this anthology called The Machine of Death. have you heard of it? http://machineofdeath.net/ You get a slip from a machine that tells you how you will die. but you don’t know when. the net effect is fear, not freedom. Eg, ppl avoid say flying their whole life. bizarre. I’m a bit creeped out by the obit thing… have dodged the tombstone question too. lets see if I can figure out how to do it w/out doing it. Do dogs know such things? 😉

  4. Then reject the whole premise of an obit and call it a Celebration of My Life So Far or something like that! It’s your blog; treat the theme any way you want. The obituary is an artificial thing dreamed up by the newspaper industry anyway, designed to extract a few more dollars from the widow.. like what Moses Pray did with his Bibles in Paper Moon.

    I have not heard of, but it is now in my Amazon queue.

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