Who is being polled every day?


Not a day goes by when the cable news doesn’t announce a new poll on this or that, mostly having to do with the approval rating of President Obama, whether the country is headed in the right direction* or if they support this or that program. A daily poll? Why? And who are they polling? Is it the same people? They must be getting really sick and tired of answering those questions day after day. Or the same sample pool? Really? They must be running out of people to sample.

Nobody has EVER called me to ask me how the president is doing, even though I am pretty average, living in the most average of all average places. I welcome their call. I’m not hard to find.

Having daily polls is a lot like owning stock when you are very risk-averse. The slight fluctuations up or down make you euphoric and panicky, but hardly ever even-keeled. The results of the polls affects the result of the poll. Most people should never own stock. Most people should not listen to polls.

Being president must be like trying to lead a herd of nervous rabbits surrounded by a pack of hungry foxes.

*Whatever the heck that is supposed to mean!