Who’s to blame

I’m watching Joe Scarborough and Pat Buchanan yelling over each other, with Mika trying to talk, but never quite being part of the conversation (why is she there?) over who is to blame with this financial crises. Here is the truth that nobody is saying out loud.

Who is to blame? Human greed. No greater than that. Greed.

AIG is gaming the system with these “unbreakable” contracts, Bear Sterns gamed the system, your local bank gamed the system by selling you a mortgage you couldn’t afford, you gamed the system by wanting to believe you could afford a house you couldn’t afford and now Congress is gaming the system by feigning outrage.

If the little man on Main Street could game the system, he probably would.

We are not “united we stand” on this issue; we are “every man for himself” and “grab yours before there is nothing left to grab.”


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One Response to Who’s to blame

  1. It’s the story of the “Greedy Python” by Eric Carle… The Python eventually swallows himself whole in greed.