Why men will eventually steer clear of social media

Smart Blogs recapped the SXSWi week and highlighted how three Fortune 500 companies are experimenting with Social Media. One of these three companies was JC Penney.

As part of their social media experiment, they made a video that has apparently gone viral. From the post:

JC Penney’s goal for its social media activities is to heighten the perception of its brand quality. Alongside small but growing Twitter and Facebook presences targeting women, the retailer’s main investment is a YouTube video “Beware of the Doghouse,” which hit the viral jackpot. JC Penney created a microsite to support the Doghouse campaign, hired a new-media strategist to seed and position the video, did blog outreach and invested in display ads and in-store cards to drive traffic.

Because they didn’t anticipate its off-the-charts success (servers crashed left and right and they needed to respond quickly) the entire effort “cost more than we anticipated.” Still, these are great problems to have.

Wow. If the future of Social Media is the propagation of stereotypical sex/genders roles and the emasculation of men as the measure of success, why would any man embrace that? I know JC Penney has to appeal to mommybloggers, but they are capitulating to these Social Media terrorists (Motrinmoms anyone?)

I’m not sure when men have been turned into a bunch of hapless idiots who can’t think or act without a road map drawn by a woman or when it is ok that women feel they are entitled to sit in “judgment” of a man as to when he is allowed parole from the Doghouse, but I don’t really want to know any of these women. If you want men to quit acting like idiots, quit treating them like they are or you expect they will be without your “help.” Stereotypes like this do not further the conversation, they just give men a larger excuse to quit talking to you about anything of substance. (Visit a grocery store anywhere. The only people on cell phones are men, calling back to check in that their decisions won’t get them sent to the Doghouse when they come back home. Crazy!)

And I also object to the use of the Doghouse metaphor. JC Penney, I don’t go crapping in your stores; quit doing it in my home.

JC Penney, you are taking an easy road and not one that will ultimately work for you. Or maybe it will, what the hell do I know. I’m a male dog who already lives in a doghouse.