Why Skype+Facebook makes a ton of sense

The rules for us old timers are: 1) Never leave a voicemail or send an email that you didn’t want repeated. 2) Always call from a pay phone when you didn’t want Caller ID to show up 3) Phone calls were never evidence because they could not be recorded without your permission. In short, you had an expectation of reasonable privacy on a personal phone conversation.

Skype, Google Voice and the whole crop of VoiP phones are throwing all those rules out of the window. All of them have been working on text-to-speach as a way of delivering “convenience” to their users. But since the actual phone call also flows through a digital stream and is data, not voice as regulated by the FCC, it is just more content that can be transcribed by a text-to-speach engine. Once transcribed, it can be matched up with keywords and ads can be served in real-time to your Facebook or Gmail as you talk.

Pretty handy, eh?

Are you sure you want to keep using Skype or Google Voice? You will. They know you will.