Will the real Republicans please stand up?

I was listening to the well-paid Fox News folks on Saturday who have health insurance, paid vacation, etc. talking about the health insurance problem in these United States. The topic of fully-employed people having to get their own health insurance because their employers could no longer afford to provide it came up and the undertones were definitely against the employers! What??!?? When did this happen? Excuse me, but if you are going to be a true Republican and claim to have an intimate understanding of the REAL health insurance problem in the US, quit your regular-paying job, build your own company and get your own insurance policy. Until you have scraped and clawed down that ugly, rocky road, don’t claim that you know what is wrong with health care in America! If you do, you’re just a Liberal in a mask, scared to live by the dogma you spew. Relying on an “entitlement” program is the same whether provided by the state or your employer.