Woman’s Day Magazine?

Ok, not really sure how they found me or what value this blog can possibly give them, but since they sent me an email with a link to some pet products they wrote about, what could possibly go wrong with passing the info along? So, I pulled one of my favorite products from their list of stuff to feature here and viola!

Bowser Beer

After a long day of chasing his tail, snoozing in the sun and pestering the cat, your dog deserves a break. Help him wind down with an ice-cold bottle of nonalcoholic Bowser Beer. The noncarbonated, made-in-the-USA brew is crafted with beef and chicken broths made from scratch, plus malt barley for a shiny coat, and glucosamine, which keeps joints healthy.

The rest of the stuff can be found here.

Apparently Woman’s Day and Elle Magazine are owned by the same folks. The only thing I can think of is my editor dropped E. Jean an email about a recent internship she offered to a homeless woman who was living in a WalMart parking lot and got her trailer towed. Long story. You can read it here.