Yellow boots and green Jell-O

When my son was born until he was about five, we lived in an apartment building in St. Paul on Fairview off Grand Avenue. The landlords, Pat and Harold Hamm — the two kindest Angels of my early adulthood — had taken us in as their adopted family. We were invited to Sunday dinner, to sit with them on the curb in the evening, to share their air-conditioning on hot evenings. But mostly Pat, a large woman, made sure we were eating properly.

“You kids are too skinny,” Pat would say as she whisked my son away to get his special treat; green Jell-O.


15 Replies to “Yellow boots and green Jell-O”

  1. That was REALLY good, Rufus!

    Once again, I’ve learned something about writing from you. I chickened out of this week’s topic and now I see what could have been.

  2. Very descriptive and evocative writing. Brought a tear to my eyes, probably since I have a daughter finishing Kindergarten and I see the future coming at us fast. She’s never even owned boots. Thanks!

  3. The future comes and goes so quickly and all they leave you with are indelible memories of silly things like yellow boots and green Jell-O that pop into your head at the oddest times for all the right reasons.

  4. Thank you. The next #letsbogoff, we expect twice as much work from you 🙂 I actually chickened out as well by not picking a favorite color….

  5. I had been on a quest to find yellow rain boots for over a week! I had to settle for navy blue with lobsters and red piping… (I was too impatient – and in dire need due to the consistent damp weather – to order online.) Your daughter has excellent taste! (And green Jello tops any other flavor! ..except maybe raspberry)

  6. I am looking forward to those types of stories about my daughter as she grows older – I really enjoy hearing these stories from you. I still have the “get your own ham” story in my head and it has become part of my parenting skill set.

    Amazing the things we pick up on when we listen to what others have to say.

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