You knew I was a dog before I knew ya. What is love, a #letsblogoff

A letter from my dog to me. I found it on my desk when I woke up this morning.

Dear you;

You asked me what love was last night as you were nuzzling my ears on the sofa, watching the late night news because you couldn’t sleep. You may not have been aware that I heard you, but I did and thought I would pen you this letter to put your mind at ease. Or at least help. I hope it does.


12 Replies to “You knew I was a dog before I knew ya. What is love, a #letsblogoff”

  1. I LOVE this post. Essentially, I no longer need to do my #letsblogoff post now because you have fully exemplified what to me true and unabashed love is. It is the love a faithful dog gives his owner regardless of that owner maybe just yelling or forgetting to feed him.

  2. So true. Expect nothing, receive much. There is nothing like the relationship you describe above, and everyone in their lifetime should experience it at least once!

  3. Ha! Clever post! In my creative writing class last semester, one of my group members wrote a short story from the perspective of a little dog as she watched her human long for his neighbor. It was humorous to say the least – the ridiculous antics we humans resort to in the name of love. Glad to see your dog has a good handle on the subject as well. You are a lucky owner!

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